Jyothee Murali, better known as JYXDI, is a 25 year old Sri-Lankan self-taught visual artist from Toronto. She has proven that talent is only a small part of the equation by overcoming all odds to become a well-known painter working with high end clients such as OVO, XO and COACH. Jyothee has been nurturing her passion for painting since she was two years old; initially starting with drawings before eventually focusing on her sole love of painting. 

 With the increasing demand for her paintings, Jyothee turned her passion into a successful business under the label JYXDI. Her paintings cover various subjects and range from realism, portraits, landscapes and custom fan favourite anime piece. She also works closely with other artists on different projects amassing great knowledge and skills needed to make it in the industry.

You can follow her on social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Youtube to find out about her latest drops and upcoming events.