JYXDI: The Self- Taught Painter Living Her Dream

Jyothee Murali, better known by her nickname JYXDI, is a Sri-Lankan self-taught visual artist from Toronto. She has by far proven that talent is only a small part of the equation by overcoming all odds to become a well-known painter. Jyothee has been nurturing her passion for painting since she was two years old; initially trying out drawings before eventually focusing on her sole love of oil painting.

With the increasing demand for her paintings, Jyothee decided to turn her passion into a successful business under the label JYXDI.  Through this business, she has been able to create quite a number of unique art pieces for both client and public sale. Her paintings basically cover various subjects and range from realism, portraits, landscapes and any other fan favourite anime piece. She also works closely with other artists on different projects thus amassing great knowledge and skills needed to make it in the industry.

Apart from being a painter, Jyothee also doubled up as an art instructor at Pinot’s Palette until when she decided to quit and focus on her personal projects. JYXDI decision to get involved in teaching came as a surprise to many considering the fact that she dropped out of college in order to chase her dream of becoming a full time painter. However, she proved all doubters wrong by using her talent to nurture the dreams of many more people who are into paintings.

Jyothee enjoys a huge following on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Her Instagram account boasts of more than 140,000 followers who are all perplexed by the unique art pieces that she posts. She uses her business name i.e. JYXDI on all social platforms thus serving as a good marketing tool.  The huge following and demand of Jyothee’s art pieces has attracted her to the clothing industry venturing in the sale of Custom Jackets and Custom Shoes.

Jyothee runs a website ( from where she displays all the paintings in her collection. It is here that you will get the different price tags on all her art pieces while at the same time getting the chance to make a purchase. Furthermore, you can use this website to access all the services offered by JYXDI business. Some of the services that you will get include Custom Canvas Paintings, Custom Digital Arts, Custom Helmets, Custom Tattoo Designs and other Custom art pieces. This website has helped JYXDI in becoming who she is today by marketing her to the outside world. The good thing about this site is that it is easy to navigate and contains every art piece that you may need.

For Jyothee, the sky seems to be the stopping point. She will therefore continue giving clients and followers what they want while at the same time nurturing her talent. To get hold of Jyothee art pieces, simply visit her website at any time that you term appropriate. Alternatively, you can follow her on social media platforms and keep track of every event taking place in her life.

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