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Spirit Gates Vol. 1

Spirit Gates Vol. 1

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  • Written & Published By: JYXDI
  • 11" x 5" high quality print with a navy blue finish
  • Includes free spirit gates bookmark
  • First 100 copies are hand signed by JYXDI


Introducing “SPIRIT GATES” - the first-ever manga comic book by JYXDI, an epic journey into a realm where dormant powers are concealed, and destiny unfolds in the most unexpected ways.

Join Akiko, a young orphan unaware of her extraordinary potential, as she navigates a nation disconnected from its spiritual roots and mired in oblivion. The spirit world is not as it seems, ruled with an iron grip by the tyrannical Queen Alora, a master of dark magic.

Akiko's destiny takes a dangerous turn as she embarks on a quest to find a fallen meteorite from the human world. This journey transports her to a parallel universe, where she encounters her enigmatic counterpart, Akiko 2.0. Can she secure the elusive stone, a beacon of hope, and break free from Alora's control, or will it lead to trouble galore?

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